The eROSITA/SRG Project

Information on eROSITA/SRG is available at the eROSITA page at MPE and on the SRG page at IKI. Further project information and documentation can be found on the eROSITA Wiki (access restricted) at the MPE page.

Project links

SRG (Russian page) incl. observing schedule: monthplan


Viscal tool

Viscal allows to calculate visibility windows for astrophysical targets, either by entering coordinates or querying Simbad database. Additionally, during the all-sky survey, current/upcoming scanning times are given. The tool uses a long-term SRG trajectory and survey planning files based on long-term and current monthly planning. Future scanning times may be subject to program changes.

Histcal tool

Histcal allows to calculate previous survey scanning times, input mode is identical to Viscal. The tool uses merged attitude files produced by the eSASS. Given times refer to periods where target is in the FOV of eROSITA, no filter on observing mode, active telescopes or instrumental setup.

Hamburg observatory

eROSITA science:
The scientific working group on stellar sources - eROStars - is run by the Hamburg observatory (Wiki page).

Our extragalactic group works on galaxy clusters, with a focus on eROSITA and radio data (e.g. LOFAR).

We acknowledge support from:   DLR

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Credits: NASA/SDO, DLR/Roscosmos/SRG, NASA/CXO/STScI